Installation manual of standard solar modules

Complete installation instructions for standard solar modules

Instruction sheet to view and download:

Installation manual of standard solar modules are for the customer to install the solar modules correctly.
This general manual provides important safety information relating to the installation, maintenance and handling of standard solar modules of I’M SOLAR.
Professional installer must read these guidelines carefully and strictly follow these instructions. Failure to follow these instructions may result in death, injury or property damage. The installation and handling of PV modules require professional skills and should only be performed by qualified professionals. The installers must inform end-users (consumers) the aforesaid information accordingly. The word “module” or “PV module” used in this manual refers to one or more standard solar modules of I’M SOLAR.
This manual is only valid for the standard module types. Refer to the product models in the annex.
Please retain this manual for future reference. We recommend checking regularly for the most updated version.

1.1  Installation Manual Disclaimer
The information contained in this manual is subject to change by I’M SOLAR without prior notice. I’M SOLAR gives no warranty of any kind whatsoever, either explicitly or implicitly, with respect to the information contained herein.
In the event of any inconsistency among different language versions of this document, the English version shall prevail. Please refer to our product lists and documents published on our website at: as these lists are updated on a regular basis.

1.2 Limitation of Liability
I’M SOLAR shall not be held responsible for damages of any
kind, including – without limitation – bodily harm, injury or
damage to property, in connection with handling PV modules,
system installation, or non- compliance with the instructions
set forth in this manual.



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